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Ultra Belleza

Immi Epsom Salts 35.27 oz

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Revitalizes Detoxifies and Reduces Inflammation 

Epsom salts have anti-inflammatory properties with the ability to relax muscles as well as ease aches, bruises, and cramps. Eliminates body toxins and heavy metals. It also serves to restore the skin after an insect bite or splintering, as well as to relax the feet after an intense day. It’s ideal for a day of spa and rest at home. 


How to use:  

Take immersion baths, either in a full-body tub (2 cups) or in a small foot or arm tub (1/4 cup), for 15 minutes and up to three times a week. You can make compresses, for this add two teaspoons of Epsom salts in a cup of hot water and dip a towel, then apply to the area you want to treat. 



Magnesium sulfate crystals (hydrated magnesium sulfate), fractionated Cocoes oleum (coconut oil), natural fragrance (lavender/rosemary), dehydrated leaves (lavender/rosemary), and preservative based on citrus seeds. 

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