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Ultra Belleza

Sutra Hair Cocktail

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Sutra Beauty's Hair Cocktail is a multi-use professional hair care product that provides control while restoring a healthy appearance to damaged hair.  Healthy is beautiful, and you can fight back against excessive heat or coloring and achieve radiant, touchable hair with Sutra Beauty Hair Cocktail. 

Made with premium ingredients, like marula oil, which contains 60% more antioxidants than argan oil, and loaded with Vitamins C & E, Hair Cocktail prevents tangling and restores shine and softness damaged hair.  Rose petal oil soothes mild inflammation of the scalp, can reduce, or eliminate dandruff, restore hair's natural PH, and fortify hair follicles, promoting sturdy hair growth and helping to repair frizzy, dry, or sun-damaged hair.  Coconut oil promotes scalp health, can slow hair loss, and provide natural sun protection equal to SPF 8. 

Beauty professionals use Sutra Beauty Hair Cocktail to protect, nourish and repair hair and create beautiful, healthy hairstyles for their clients.  It works equally well on wet or dry hair, whether it will be blown out or air dry.  Be sure to shake well before using.  The oil layers will settle out again in about 5 minutes.  Just 2-5 sprays from roots to tips of hair help to repair deeply damaged hair, condition split ends and tame flyaways. 


Each bottle contains 65ml.  A little of this unique formula goes a long way. 

Professional Tip:  Shake Sutra Hair Cocktail well and add a small amount into a deep conditioning treatment for a stronger overall treatment. 

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